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How to tame a foster cat

truck riding foster kitten
truck riding foster kitten

Common issues for new cat fosters: Kitties are so shy, they are very different from previous pets. They are always hiding when people are around. Then they make tons of noise at night. How do you tame a foster cat to make them into confident loving kitties?

Unlike cats that grew up as a pet, most foster cats have been living off the street and are feral/ semi-feral. That’s why fosters are important so the cats can be domesticated and learn what is dangerous and what is not.

For a cat on the street, or any cat that’s not used to people, being noticed = danger. Imagine if you were a small animal, being noticed would mean giants coming after you with unknown intentions. The goal here is to let them know that us giant humans = good things.

Most of the time foster cats are very food motivated since they might not have had regular meals. Associating humans with food is a good place to start.

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