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Who says doctors have to have bad hand writing

From time to time I would see beautiful hand writing in random places:  small notes left by students, chalkboard or white board signs in public places, random graffiti written by unknown people in the night.  Yet it’s only rarely, oh so rarely, that I saw pretty hand writing in academia.  Granted I was in biological sciences, in a place with a huge medical school, and not in a humanities department such as Anthropology or the like.

The writing left behind on the board from the previous class sometimes made me wonder if a 5 year old was teaching Neuroscience Courses.  The edits on my manuscripts gave me good reason to seek out my professors and mentors in person to further explore their meaning.  While such things are good for relationship building, there’s no detriment in improving your own handwriting.  After all, your handwriting is a representation of yourself.  Even in this age where I would never have to hand write any notes ever, still there is yet to be an app that will sign your name for you.  And there are those times when you have to edit papers on (god forbid) printed paper, or leave kind notes on people’s desks, it’s impressive to have pretty looking hand writing.

Below are some of my favorite.  Just pick out the style you like and practice it from time to time.  You don’t have to change your own hand writing over immediately.  Just pick out a letter or so at a time and start incorporating it into your name to be more impressive.

caligraphy Italic handwriting
Italic hand writing calligraphy
handwriting capital letters
hand writing serif font
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